Story Transcript

Ernesto: Hi. I'm Ernesto from Miami, Florida. I have a comic book store that it's, has been picking up pretty well, but I just started my website outside of Ebay.

And with this app, Better Replay, I've been able to, to see where the customers are having problems on the website and being able to, as well, improve these things and manage, as well, certain issues that the people are having when browsing through and searching.

You know, it's helped me tremendously. Now when I see, I'm able to see what they're doing, and and able to, to improve my website a lot more, sending sales up. Hopefully, I'll be able to move from Ebay to just an online store. And I think it's actually an essential tool in order to know this.

I haven't found anything like it. It's the best thing besides that, that I have received so far in many of the apps, in all of the apps through Shopify. I thank them very much, I mean, without them, there's no way I would know where my mistakes were in the website.

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