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Ez: Hi, so I've been using Consistent Cart for about a day or so now. And I've been having a very good experiences with the Consistent Cart, because I've been searching around for the internet for the integrated solutions, that has all the push notifications and all the cart abandonment.Especially with messenger, cart abandonment. If you would find these three things together, these three solutions together, it would probably take you loads amount of time to get it set up. Also, finding the right one to install for your Shopify store.The good thing about it is that now that I have the Consistent Cart here that everything is all in one place, and just for all the one price, I can get all the features, which I would have had to spend at least two to three times more getting started if I were to get all these three items.So yeah, I'm looking forward to having a good result with Consistent Cart and I hope everyone here has a good day, and will too, enjoy the Consistent Cart features.

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