Story Transcript

Fahad: Hello, my name is Fahad and I'm from Polgard. I've been using Better Replay for about one week and it is very good. It's an amazing app. It has really shown me where my customers like to go and where they don't go.

You know, where do they bounce up from? And it has really taken out the guesswork in looking at what customers like, what customers don't like. What customers don't like, I could quickly get rid of it. It's so simple. This app is very great. And the user experience is also very good.

It's nice, it's neat, it's clean. I can easily manage my way around and look at the replays. And all it takes is one click to get the replays. It's only a one-click replay action. And the best thing is the app is free. This app is free.

You can get it now on the Shopify app store and I really recommend it for you. It has really helped. And I'm gonna be using Better Replay for the rest of my life. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

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