Story Transcript

Flynn: So, before I started using Consistent Cart, I was actually just using Shopify's standard abandoned cart strategy. And, I was getting absolutley no returns on, getting customers back to my store.

So, I was looking at a few other apps, and they were all good, but a little messy, but they kind of got the job done, but there was something about them that I didn't like. Particularly with, a few of them didn't have the SMS feature embedded in so they only had emails.

And you could only do one email per abandoned cart. So that's when I got Consistent Cart. It took me two hours straight, to set up. I already had what I wanted to, as in, words of, what I was gonna say to the customer, to hook them back in.

And, I set it up within two hours, and since doing that, I haven't had a fantastic return on cart sales. So I then got in touch with the support team. They were a great help, they linked me to a (mumbles) core and gave me feedback on what I was using. What I had written down, in the template.

Unfortunately, I still haven't, I've only got around 60 pounds recovered from the carts, out of, probably, over 200 carts. So, although the numbers are low, I'm still, you know, it's a thing that you have to keep playing with.

And I'm still looking for how I can get the customers back into the store. Would I recommend this to other people? Absolutely, I will. It is so easy to set up, and, there's just something about it that I love. So I will count on continuing to use it.

I think the price is just right, I'm using all the email campaigns, SMS, and push notifications. So, fingers crossed. Thank you.

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