Story Transcript

Flynn: So, before I was using Consistent Cart, I was just using Shopify's standard abandoned cart e-mailing system. And I was generating about zero pounds from a Shopify system, it was useless.

So I was looking around for an app which could be useful to actually get the job done that would do SMS, e-mails, push notifications and Consistent Cart does all of them perfectly. So, I set them all up literally took me, I think two hours to set up with templates.

Most of that was actually writing the templates. Thinking of what ideas stuff like that but everything else is a lovely design, very easy to work with and getting used to. So other than that I really do recommend this.

It's has been super fast apart from the most important part is how many have I now been recovering. Well in the past 30 days, I have now recovered about 45 orders (computer dings) which is a significant boost (computer dings) and let's see where it goes.

Obviously at the same time I'm still improving the whole entire system as well. If there's one thing which I've learned is to stay consistent with changing the templates, but apart from that, I appreciate the software, it's good.

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