Story Transcript

Francis: Thank you. My name is Francis. I just want to recommend the Better Replay app. It's been very wonderful for me because I've been able to track my customers movement on my site.

So with that it's enabled me get so much traffic and know what's part of my site that needs to worked on and what part of my site is more active and less active. So thumbs up to Better app. I really appreciate them.

Thumbs up to you guys and I'll always give you guys a five star and advice any other person who is into drop shipping, to try it out. It's very, very, very helpful.

With this you would be able to achieve so much and your conversion rates are gonna be very high because you get to understand at what points and at what places your customers need more attention. So thumbs up to Better Replay. And I really appreciate what you guys are doing so far.

Thank you so much.

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