Story Transcript

Gabriel: Hi, my name is Gabriel. I'm from Pretoria, South Africa. So before using Better Replay, I had a lot of visitors to our site and the big problem for me was that I never knew where people got stuck.

I always just saw lots of people going to the site not understanding what people liked and what people did not like about the product pages and the landing pages that we were sending them to.

And from there on, we started using Better Replay and it actually helped us to troubleshoot our site and understand what people are not trusting, what people are not feeling comfortable with, if there's any questions that people had.

We actually had a situation where there was something that looked like a button on our site and we noticed a lot of people tried clicking on it and it was actually not intended as a button at all. So we've since changed a lot of things.

We started A/B testing with some of the text and some of the copywriting and it really helped us. And after that, we've actually been seeing a lot of conversions coming through. And it has really helped us to get our overall performance of the site up by quite a notch.

And yeah, I'm very, very happy with Better Replay. And I do recommend it to anybody looking for a solution to something like this, especially people getting a lot of traffic and wanting to understand what is going on and where their possible traffic is going missing.

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