Story Transcript

Gabriela: Hello, I'm Gabby. I'm the owner of Romero Rose Boutique. And today I wanted to go ahead and give a testimonial of Better Replay. So one thing I found about Better Replay that I love is that I can see exactly what my customers are looking at and searching for.

And that benefits me because I'm able to tailor my pages based on what is bringing people to the site. So I've been able to change my Home site changed the different buttons. Now, before I had no clue I just knew that there were people visiting the website and I would see abandoned checkouts.

I would see that they wouldn't be on there very long just from the live view and Shopify.

Once, actually during the process of downloading Better Replay I realized how much time they're spending and whether they're coming in just to check on their purchase that they've already made or whether they're new and coming to check everything out.

I also have learned that after working with you guys I don't really want to ever delete this app from my store. It's super, super helpful. Absolutely love this app. You guys need to download it like right away. It gives you so much insight.

As I said, I've changed a lot so far with my site and I am hoping to get better and progress with the information that I have. So it's a great tool that I can use to gain more business. And I have gained more business since I've added this site. So thank you very much for this awesome, awesome app.

So have a good one. Bye now.

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