Story Transcript

Greg: Hello, guys. My name is Greg. I'm the managing director of It's based in South Africa. And I use a Shopify platform to run the ecommerce website. I used a few other apps recommended on the Shopify app, Play Store, application store, however you want to name them.

And I came across Better Replay. It was very easy to set up with the setup instructions. They tell you exactly what to do, how to do it. And you can instantly watch recordings as you go live. So, yeah.

With my first estimate or exactly what they were looking for on my website, they're doing a new marketing and answer with that. And obviously I have a bit of product exposure for my customers. Doing this, I will be able to recommend any products in the product line.

So the product that my one costumer was looking for was a DGI product, and I have that accessory in stock. So it's that accessory and bring up the analytics to Better Replay and then find the analytics to be useful because it has my product, and she sold it to the customer.

I give them a bit of ROI. So yeah, I will give this rating. That's five star rating. It's definitely one of the best apps so far that I've seen. Thank you.

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