Story Transcript

Ihor: Hello! Hi guys! We wanna share our experience with this app. It's really nice guys because you can, for totally free, rise your business and grow up. First of all, my name is Maria. And yours? Is Ihor. Ihor? Where are you from? From Taiwan.Okay, so we start our shop in Shopify and we start to find some good apps for our store. Yeah. And of course, first of all, we find some apps which are free and the one, first one was- Sales Pop. Yes, Sales Pop App. So, this app has some very good specification. Yes.So first of all, it is very easy to set up. Yes. Second? Second one, it's totally for free and automatically help you to grow up and set up all your store. So you get, like, come back for your customers, and get them back for buying new items in your store and help you with your business.After also, it helps you to do business because it sends notifications. When you have some sale in your shop it sends for you some notifications that all these men from Formia buy something in your store. So it's really good to come and check out to see what's happening in your store.So guys, right now, go to Shopify app store and buy the Sales Pop app for your business. For free. For free and fast.

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