Story Transcript

Iyonia: Hello, my name is Iyonia Jackson. I'm the owner of Willow J. You can follow me on Instagram @willowj_. I use Better Replay on my website and it's helped me a whole lot.

With using the app, I can see different things that I guess the people are looking at or data that can be used to improve my website. And through my experience of using it, I've seen a lot of different patterns that I've been able to pick up on.

I've seen little features that I didn't even know it was there. I'm currently looking at the website right now. It has a live viewing of when people spend time on your website. There's different speeds. There's 1x, 2x and 3x, so 1x is the slowest speed.

So you can get a more live view of what they're seeing. Overall, I would recommend the app. It's free. It gives you a lot of good features. It shows the state, what type of browser device. It shows the length and the time. There's different options as it shows you when people add stuff to the cart.

So overall, I would recommend the app.

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