Story Transcript

Jacinto: Hi everyone good night. My conversion rate was very low before starting using this application when I first started, I saw immediate change in the traffic sales went up, and i liked that a lot that i could manage to, get my clients their trust, I need to transport them.

I think the message they pop up are very, legible in the designs are very good looking for your site. I think it will make a greater impact for your site. Totally and it will increase your sales will increase in your your traffic and I will really recommend it.

I would really recommend it because i really use it in four different shops and it really work from me. So you should get it. Thanks a lot and have a good night. I will change the email because I made a video after this but I'm gonna change the angle now so you can use these figure better.

Okay, thanks a lot and have a good night.

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