Story Transcript

Jack: My name is Jack from and I've made my business successful by using Better Replay because they are the best. And they do a lot of things for your store, like when I was just starting I didn't know what to do. As soon as I downloaded their app on Shopify it always helped.Better Replay records your abandoned carts on your site. And if you go on it, you can see what your customers have been doing.So let's say they've been scrolling and you see them about to click buy but then they leave the store, you'll be able to improve so for example here, let's say they didn't want to buy it or something looked improfessional and it looked like it was a scam.Then, yeah, it gives you the tools to change your store, professionally, quick and easy. So if you guys want to download this app, it's on Shopify; it's called Better Replay and it is amazing because it's helped me going from zero sales, boosting that up to over 100 in over, in under a month.So you guys should download this app and thank you for watching this video testimonial. (sighs) This has been really helpful for me, cheers.

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