Story Transcript

James: Hi there, this is my review of Sales Pop. I'm James from Swifty Nifty, and I've been using Sales Pop on my website for one day now. And over the time I've been using it, I've been testing it rigorously.I've found that it's very useful; I've had no bugs, no issues, it's something that I am going to use for the future and it's definitely a five star app for building customer trust, because of course when customers are looking at the website and seeing that people are purchasing, people are adding to their cart, there's activity on the website, the website is alive it gives new customers an idea of how busy your website is, what's happening on the website and it's just one of those things that can add to the final purchase.So overall I would like to say thank you ever so much Sales Pop. I will be using your app forever, indefinitely, so stick around. Other things that I would say, in the windows, so for example: left hand, right hand, upper, like that.It's very convenient for my website, it's not invasive, what can I say? Definitely a five star app, I would recommend it to anybody that's looking to build a new website anytime soon. So, Sales Pop again thank you ever so much for helping me get more customers, more new customers.So yeah that's me. Cheers Sales Pop.

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