Story Transcript

Jamiu: Hello, I'm Ja from Dublin and I'm just giving a review about my experience with Better Replay. So I've been using the app for three, four weeks now and it's absolutely amazing. Like it's helped my store increase the conversion rate and also fix issues on the store.

As you do know Better Replay allows you to record your customer's screen while they're browsing through the website. So you're able to pinpoint the pain point for the customers and see where cosmos are clicking out, see the bounce rates, see what links on your websites are not working.

Then you can then make improvements on your website based on that. So it's a really good app and I would recommend you getting it. I've tried other apps that record screens, but they don't seem to work. There's a false app review I've seen.

Seem to have solved my issue and it's really good and ever since using it, I've changed, a few issues on my website, improving the customer experience and also increasing conversion rate. So I will highly recommend getting this app and it's amazing, I thank you the developers of Better Replay.

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