Story Transcript

Jayson: Hi, Jayson here and I've been using Shopify for almost a year now. And I recently got this abandoned cart app which really helpful in recovering sales. Because it really incentivizes them by adding like a discount code or like some sort of incentive to want them to recover the sale.

And which channels I was using, the emails mainly, because most people inputted their emails in the Shopify checkout section, but it was really helpful and I recovered almost, I would say 30% of the sales that I were, that they abandoned. So it was really helpful in doing that.

And per month, I was probably covering about like 20 to 30, which is still pretty good in sales, cause every sale counts and that's still profit going back to you, and like, as would I recommend Shopify or the consistent cart to someone else? Of course definitely, 'cause this is really helpful in recovering those extra sales, 'cause that push notifications or the email that they get again, it will incentivize them like, oh, oh geez, I accidentally abandoned this, maybe I might look into it again and now there's a discount that's given to me at the end of the sale.

So I might just end up buying it again or I might be (indistinct). So it's really good, I really like the app. Great for my store. It's helped me recover a lot of sales. My profits have gone up, conversion sales have gone much higher and I would recommend it to a friend. So yeah, thank you.

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