Story Transcript

Jhye: Hello everybody, my name is Jhye and I'm very new to the whole Shopify game. The whole e-commerce thing, everything. I just started a bunch, I just started watching a bunch of YouTube videos from about, what's the date today? The 14th of April. I probably started sometime early March.

I just kept watching videos, kept watching videos. And I'm in Facebook Advertising as well, so that's what I'm currently doing. A lot of times, it drives traffic to my website. Bu what they didn't teach you is how to covert that traffic into sales.

And one of the main things that I've learned from my experience so far in ecommerce, as I'm still very new, is that we need to give your customers reassurance of the product that you're selling. So by giving them social proof, by using Sales Pop, I find my conversion rate is going up.

And it's going up (mumbles) going up about 20%. Which is pretty big for me, I started with a very low budget of around AUD $400 and I've made around AUD $2000 so far, profit, net profit. Yeah, I just wanna say big thank you to Sales Pop for even being out there.

All you new and up and coming Shopify store owners need to use this. Trust me, it will help you get so much in the future. You'll gonna thank me when you start using it. You'll see your conversion rate go up. I hope you guys have an awesome day. Stay safe.

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