Story Transcript

Jimmy: Hey, guys, my name is Jimmy, and I've been using Better Replay for a few months now. Better Replay is by far one of the best apps you can get on Shopify.

Just knowing exactly what your customers do when they get to your store is something that is extremely important as a shop owner, and being able to adjust based on how people look at your store is huge, and so it has been super lucrative to me.

So, I really thank Better Replay for having such an awesome app, and CartKit for putting out other great apps such as Consistent Cart, and other ones they offer. Yeah, if anyone out there is on the fence of Better Replay, there's really no reason to not download it.

It's free, it's gonna bring up your business entirely if you read the data, and it's just gonna be there to be your best friend when you do your work. Really, you should be doing everything to learn more about your store, and what your customers are doing, so download Better Replay.

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