Story Transcript

João: Hello guys, my name is Joao Machado. I'm the CMO of Exegima. We are a chemicals and hygiene products manufacturer. And our story on the digital world has started recently.

At the beginning of this epidemic of coronavirus of course, where we saw not only the opportunity, but also the duty to create an online store to start to sell through the online, because our products are in great need at this moment, are urgent products at the current times.

And people, to be allowed to buy them, they have to buy them through the digital world, since they couldn't leave their homes, since they couldn't go to any type of stores or any type of supermarkets. They were left to order these type of products through the online, through the digital world.

And they really need them, 'cause with them they could feel safe in a not that so safe world that we are living of these days. And since the beginning, Consistent Cart was a great partner for us 'cause we saw immediately revenue coming through this application.

And I think it help us a lot because our products that we sell to fight this epidemic are products that not everyone has a lot of information about them. They are really new for a lot of people.

And Consistent Cart allowed us to have a second chance, a second opportunity to communicate with the customer and to give them more information so that they could feel safe and more secure to buy our products.

And at the end, without Consistent Cart we couldn't get the amount of revenue that we get so far and for that, thank you a lot to Consistent Cart. I will recommend Consistent Cart for any entrepreneur that is already creating their online store. And thank you very much once again. Bye, guys.

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