Story Transcript

John: Hello everyone.

My name is John King and I'm the founder of Spicy Wear, a lifestyle clothing brand out of Boca Raton, Florida and as soon as I downloaded Better Replay I knew that it was gonna give me a lotta insights on where people are looking at my website, where they're from and everything and it provided me a lot of value and one of the things that it really did was after I created my mission statement, which is very important to my website and my brand, I wanted that to make a statement on my website, and I noticed that when people were going on, where it was located, people weren't finding it and, or not enough people, so it helped me identify that and change it to set it up in a spot where people would see it more often which provided me a lotta help.

I wouldn't of realized that any other way without it. It also shows where they're located so that gives a lot of insights on where my customers are coming from and it provided a lot of value so I'm very thankful and I would highly recommend this app.

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