Story Transcript

Kubby: Hey dropshipper, e-commer folks. How you doin? Short and sweet for Consistent Cart, you're kind of a brand new guy out there and you're doing thing and you're excited and seeing sales come through. And you've got so many multitudes of programs coming at ya. You gotta make it simple.

Well, now I'm out here, drinking my fresher. Nice warm day. And Consistent Cart is downstairs taking care of business. Checking out my abandon cart, sending welcome letters, thank you's on purchases, keeping in touch with the customer for me. While I'm out here enjoying myself. It's the way to go.

I've tried other platforms, all the other emailers, all the other platforms, messengers, this-that, Consistent Cart's put it all together for ya.

Time is money and if you gotta be researching niche and researching product, you can't be out there doing emails and background and making letters and all that kind of stuff. Consistent Cart does it for you, sends the stats, lets you know what your migration is, lets you know how your doin.

If you're up, your down, if you're getting messages received, if they're notifying it. Then they'll let you know, "Hey guess what? Your abandoned cart, you got another customer out of it." That's huge business for you, to not have to chase or miss. Especially if you miss it.

Love ya, it's working great. Keep it up.

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