Story Transcript

Johnluke: WHat' up guys. I'm Johnluke and I own an e-commerce store on Shopify, and I just wanna say SalesPop has helped me gain so many new customers by just having an icon pop up at the bottom of my store pages.Not only has this helped me gain more customers and sales, but it lets customers know that people are buying around the world even where they might be from. It also makes customers feel way more secure in their purchases knowing that the store's not a scam or something like that.Without SalesPop I wouldn't even have as nearly as many sales as I do today and I can't stress how big it is to get this on your e-commerce store because it helps so much creating revenue by letting customers know that people are really buying and it also is an incentive for people to buy with them seeing how many sales you're getting with the automations that SalesPop has to offer, so yeah, use SalesPop.

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