Story Transcript

Jordan: Hi, my name is Brendan Straiter. I am one of the co-owners of Elite Food Storage. We are a emergency food source company that started less than two months ago.

We literally formed our company overnight, and immediately just started hammering marketing and making sales, and we noticed from the get-go there were quite a bit of abandoned carts we were receiving, so we downloaded the app, the app Consistent Cart, I do say I was actually very impressed because what I was first doing before I even knew they had this app, was I was manually emailing just the big orders that people had abandoned their carts with us.

And that was getting some return, I got some return. It started to get to the point where once we started making a lot of sales, when we were getting hundreds of abandoned carts. I can't email all those.

And especially some of them are not very big, and so it wasn't worth my time, so I was hoping we could find a way that we could systematize it or we could do it, so I downloaded this app, and literally, we systematized it, set it up to where it messaged every person that abandoned cart, both big and small orders.

And we recovered thousands of dollars. Right now, I think for this month, I don't know if this is the month or total, but we've recovered about $8,000 so far. And that's just us sitting here doin' nothing.

Definitely hands down the best app I've used on Shopify that had immediate results, of sales that people almost purchased and it reminded them and it got them back with a discount code or some sort of incentive. So I'd highly recommend Consistent Cart to anyone looking to increase their revenue.

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