Story Transcript

Joshua: Hello, my name is Joshua Philips. I am from Lagos, Nigeria. I recorded one of these videos yesterday, so I figured I would do another one, since that one had very poor production. I got this application to review some of my sessions, some of my customers, what they do when they come to my store.

And I really didn't know I could do that and when I got the application in my store, I just started to notice that some of my customers were not liking this page because I can actually sit for the first time. So this app is really, really good.

I've really not explored it that much and from the little that I've seen, I think I've got over like ten sessions, or ten or 15 sessions. And they're really amazing, I get to see where my customers go, I get to see my customers beauty, check out.

I get to see what they're reading because I can actually see everything. It just made my store a little bit, it just made it much better. Because I number one, it's free, and so many of the apps you have to pay for them.

But this one is actually very free and I love this app, and I'll continue using it, for my thousands of sessions. Well, for now that's all I have time. It's really, really good. I really love this application.

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