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Karanveer: Hello everyone. I am Karanveer from Ontario, Canada, Rear Ranting pool. I'm here to tell you guys about my experience with Sales Pop. Before using this app, I was barely having any sale with high amounts of traffic. But after I downloaded this app, you guys wouldn't believe it.But my sales started scaling, and in a month it had greatly increased my conversion rate. My conversion rate before using Sales Pop, guess what? It was around.30%, and after the help of this great, free and easy to use app, it scaled all the way to .95%.Can you believe that? A 65% difference, which is one app that's free in a month. Oh my Lord, I love this app, and then greatly helped my store, in achieving more sales.I would definitely recommend to all you guys out there, who are having difficulties with conversion of sales on your Shopify store, to immediately download this app and use it. Thank you for watching this video, and I hope you guys use this app, and see you later.

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