Story Transcript

Kendy: Hey you guys, I'm Kendy Masson. Started this Shopify store maybe about a month, two months ago. Sine then I've had been creatin', well, I've been gettin' a lot of traffic, but for some reason I wasn't able to convert on the traffic that I was getting.I mean, I was getting and tons of traffic, but for some reason I still wasn't getting my sales. Then I actually went through the App Store 'cause I just needed some social proof, needed to be able to show people that my website, just, it wasn't new and that people were actually purchasing.So after researching different apps, I came across Sales Pop. I've been with them for the last, what? Week and a half now? And since then my conversion, let's just say it's a different story.It's definitely something that I believe everybody should be getting, well, using, 'cause it definitely helped out my store a lot. So definitely givin' you guys a five star rating. Changed my life here.And to the ones who are looking at this, deciding or trying to figure out whether or not they should use it, just go ahead and download it. Believe me, it's gonna be worth your time. Thanks.

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