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Korinne: Hey guys, my name is Korinne Portley.I live in San Diego, and I've been using Consistent Cart for a few Shopify stores that I have, and I've gotta say I really like it, because it gives you a lot of settings that aren't on your store already, so that's what apps are for, of course, and you can really customize all the messages, and you can put in the discounts.You can add in the 24 hours later kind of a thing, so that's what I do. I use it for retargeting on email. Like look, it looks like you left something in your cart.Would you like to come get it? And then I'll send another one 24 hours later, and then I'll do one 48 hours later, and I think those two usually do a discount, so and it's really easy to use.They really guide you through it on the app, and I know that there's so many more features that I want to delve into soon too, so I'm gonna continue to use it, and I can't wait to see even more results with it.

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