Story Transcript

Krasimir: Hi, I'm Kras, I'm from Canada. I've then drop shipping and have been in the e-commerce game for around a year now. And using Better Replay has definitely helped me and my stores out a lot.

When you're doing marketing of any sort, you can usually always track your metrics and see how your ads performing, what you're doing wrong. And so you can use the metrics to diagnose your ads and optimize them. The problem is with your actual store.

There's really not that many ways to do that besides just looking at the raw purchase, initiate checkout and add to cart values.

So it's definitely not the best and by installing Better Replay, I was able to just get some basic overview of how my site was performing, what people are looking at, what people weren't looking at, how long they were staying on my website.

And in fact, I was even able to find out two different bugs that existed on my website which I probably wouldn't have found out about for awhile at least without the app. And I was able to get rid of those very fast and, you know, optimize my site.

So, Better Replay has definitely helped me out and I can't recommend it enough.

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