Story Transcript

Kushal: So, hey, my name is Kushal, and I've been running my commerce website for quite a long time, and I came across this app, Better Replay. I was just looking for some apps to increase the conversion rate, and I came across this app, and I was just curious how this app works.So I gave it a try, and in the beginning I felt like it was just doing its job, so it was actually telling me and it was informative in how you take and look at the recordings.And I was actually going through all the recordings of my customers, and whoever was visiting my website, so in that way I managed to figure out where the customers were dropping off, and where was the fault in my website, and in the funnel, in general, I would say.And that's how I could just figure out everything that's wrong with my site, and I just tweaked things here and there, and that's how it helped me to increase my conversion rate, and I understood my customer behavior very well.So this apps really helps it, and, yeah, that's how this app helps with the conversion rate.You have to figure out, it just really gives you the basic idea on how to get your website right, and it just really helps you monitor how the customer behaves in the store, and that way you can make changes in your site and improve it. That's it.

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