Story Transcript

Lee: Hi, yeah. I just wanted to recommend Better Replay by Cartkit. It's a really good app, especially for business people like me who owns a lot of, a lot of online stores, a lot of online e-commerce stores.

Um, everybody knows that data is everything, but, um, with the tools that Shopify has, it's still limited and Better Replay helps bridge that gap in terms of how my customers behave, how people behave online, how they shop, and they are even providing it for free.

And soon, I am really excited about this new feature that they are going to release, which would be Heat maps, and that would really show which buttons would the customers prefer to click on. And it's going to be really helpful, especially when you are optimizing your conversion rates.

And I love it. I love the user interface, it's really modern. It's well graphically designed and yeah, I highly recommend it.

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