Story Transcript

Lele's: Hey y'all, I'm Haley, I'm from Atlanta, and I'm the owner of Lele's Babe Bar, follow me on Instagram. But, I just started using Sales Pop or whatever, and I honestly feel like it just subconsciously makes your customers wanna purchase, of course, what they see at the bottom of the screen.

I sell lip scrub, and that's honestly been the best seller right now, because I do offer lip scrub and lashes. And of course, seeing okay, so-and-so purchased two lip scrubs an hour ago, you're gonna be like okay, let me go check out this lip scrub, let me see what's going on with the lip scrub.

And then after that, it's pretty much racks. There was a lot of empty carts that I had, but Sales Pop got me point blank and period.

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