Story Transcript

Luke: Hi guys my name is Luke and I'm from the U.K. And I want to talk to you today a little bit about Better Replay. And I just wanted to make this video to really just express my gratitude and thanks to the guys over there at Better Replay, thank them for making this amazing product.

And the reason I'm doing this is because before I started using their service, I was using one of their competitors and it just wasn't as good. The UI was completely outdated, it was difficult to use, and frankly it didn't always work.

What I found was that people would be going onto my website and it wouldn't always record them. I wanna see my users on my website.

I wanna see what they're looking at, I wanna see where they're clicking, so I can help optimize my website so it'll better to use for my customers and convert to more sales, finger crossed! So I started using Better Replay and I immediately found that it was just so much better to use the UI with modern.

It just worked. I could see all my replays of the customers that had been on my website. And I could see where their cursor was, what they were clicking on, and sort of how they were interacting with my website. So I think you guys should check it out, Better replay. Have a go see if you like it.

And once again Thanks Better Replay for really helping me out with my shop via shop.

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