Story Transcript

Mackalo: Hi, my name is Mack. I've been using Better Replay for about, let's say, about six months now. Before I started using Better Replay, I mean, I had no idea what customers are doing in my store.They would come in the store, they would, I would have "add to carts", I would have drop off and no way of being able to actually see where the customers are dropping off from my site. I mean, I started using Better Replay, and this has helped me increase my my sales a lot.I've been able to see exactly what the customers are doing in my store, the reasons for them not continuing out with a purchase. I would rate this app, let's say, about 4.5 because, I mean, there's always room for improvement, but it is one of the better apps I've seen out there.I really like it, and I would encourage everyone to download this app in the Shopify App Store. Thank you.

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