Story Transcript

Matthew: Hey guys, my name is Matthew and I'm from Georgia. I've started doing this drop shipping business on Shopify, and honestly it's been kind of rough so far. I mean it was kind of rough, because I wasn't getting as many orders.So, I went onto the Shopify store and I was tryin' to figure out a way to boost my sales and all that stuff. So I saw this thing called Sales Pop, and it said it would, you know, boost my sales and I was like, oh, okay cool, we can look at it.And ta-da-dah, I downloaded the app, and my sales have been exploding, honestly. I've been getting way much more sales and I honestly think it's a great app. If you're considering using it, and considering using the multi payment, go ahead it's honestly a great app to use.I mean, if you're tryin' to do any type of business on Shopify, Sales Pop will be the best thing for you to use.

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