Story Transcript

Miguel: Hi, I'm Miguel, I'm 23 years old, and I'm from Spain. However, regardless of where you are from your age, or even your name, in Better Replay is an essential tool that I've been using on a daily basis to improve my conversions.

Basically you think that understanding the consumers behavior is crucial to improving your sales and to improving conversions and your overall funnel.

A lot of the times, we do not know why do we have so many visitors to our web page, but they're not converting Why do they stop? Where do they look at most? So in order to improve our web page, we need to know what our clients looking at more.

And that's why Better Replay comes into play and comes in really handy. I've been able to look where they stopped more, what do they look, what kind of problems you're having with the web page, or where are they clicking more, and all these you just two clicks.

It's very easy to use this app, since using Better Replay, I've been able to improve my web page very easily and my sales have been going up steadily.

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