Story Transcript

Moesha: Hey, I'm Moesha, all the way from Los Oklahoma. And before using CartKit, I was stuck on trying to figure out where my customers on my store were leaving, as far as where they got stuck at. If it's something on my website I need to fix to navigate to make it easier for my customer.

I was stuck on trying to figure out why they're coming but not buying, alright.

And CartKit really helps to understand before the process helping after the process and during the process on what I need to fix in my store, what I need to improve as far as since they stopped here, I know that most of my customers would stop in this specific spot so maybe it's something I need to navigate better.

And since starting CartKit, I now understand what needs to be worked on on my website, what needs to be addressed what needs to be fixed more so I can further address my customer and so the more website clicks can turn to sales.

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