Story Transcript

Mohamed: Hello guys. This is Mo. From Germany. I am currently here, just to review the app, Better Replay. Yeah, it was a great app to use. It is a great app to use. I just came across it on the App Store. I was searching for an app that can replay what are customers doing on my website.And that was the reason why I found the app. What I wanted, was to see exactly what customers are doing.Why are they leaving? What reasons make a customer stay? Or what reasons make a customer leave? And that was the main reason why I downloaded this app, or I installed this app on my store, on Shopify. And it definitely did the job.I really am amazed by the quality of the recordings, by every aspect of it, actually. Like, which software is being used, which Internet browser, where the recording is from, where the person's from.So I believe it's a great app for users, for Shopify shop owners to use, especially in the beginning. Then you know exactly what your customers are doing on your website, how they're reacting, which pages they are visiting, the most. Then you can optimize your shop, accordingly.Is a great feature and it's a great app, easy to use, easy to install. So ya. Thank you for developing such a high quality app and I'm looking forward to using it in my shop in the coming years, hopefully. (soft laugh) Goodbye.

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