Story Transcript

Mohamed: Hello there, this is Mo. I'm doing my testimony here, for the app Sales Pop. Before I begin, I can just say it's one of the greatest apps I have had on my store, and I currently have two E-commerce stores online.

Using Sales Pop, it made a great difference having the app on my websites, on my stores, and yeah, I'll begin by saying how it looked like before Sales Pop, and now, after Sales Pop. So, before Sales Pop, people usually just visited my site, looked at the product, and left.

This human connection, the emotional connection between the customer and the store, was not there. After installing Sales Pop, I was able to bridge this problem.

People saw others adding to cart, buying, and they saw names, they saw places, they knew there is this human connection, and that what made the difference. I 100% recommend using the app Sales Pop. It's just like an app that shows pop-up, with the name of a person.

You can also make it anonymous, that's the good side of it, from where this person is, and what exactly he purchased, he or she purchased. It's one of the greatest apps, as mentioned, and I would definitely recommend installing it on your website or on your store.

It will make a difference on your conversion rates, as well. I was doing, like, a one to 2% conversion before the app, and right now, I'm up to 6%, almost. Yeah, so, definitely just give it a try. Good luck with your store.

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