Story Transcript

Mohammed: Okay, so, hi there, my name is Mohammed and I'm from India. I'm the owner of recently established dropshipping store. And in the beginning, I wasn't very good and I wasn't getting sales actually.

So, I looked up on the internet how to get a little bit more data on the people and how I can make this store a little bit more friendly and approachable to the customers. So, I found this app called, I think it was Lucky Orange or something and actually Lucky Orange was $10 a month.

And at the time I did not have any sort of money to spend on apps because first of all, I had to spend money on the advertising and whatnot is there for dropshipping. So, luckily I found Better Replays and I saw that it was free.

So, of course it was a no brainer and I quickly downloaded it, started getting some really really rich insights, like heat maps where the people are clicking where the people are clicking out.

I made a complete overhaul of my website, completely changed things which I honestly never thought I would change. And I'm really thankful to Better Replays for that. And I don't think I would have been able to do that without them. And that too all for free. Come on.

And honestly speaking right now if they even increase the price I think I would still be with them because it's really good. Their software is really good. Thank you so much Better Replays and keep up the good work.

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