Story Transcript

Muhammad: (breathes loudly) Hi guys, this is Asad here from Alidasa. I've got an online Furniture and Home Decor Store here in United Kingdom, which is called It's A-L-I-D-A-S-A, So today I'm here to give you my feedback about this app, called Better Replay.I am literally enjoying watching the show, which Better Replay, let me see every day with my visitors on their activities. So I can literally see what my visitors are actually doing, where they're going, which part of the page they are, and what exactly they are doing.So this gives me an insight of where I can improve and where am I going wrong. So, yeah, I do recommend this app to you guys. Download it without any hesitation. For me, it's working really fine and I'm sure, it'll work really fine for you as well. So Better Replay, five stars, fully recommended.I really love this app.

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