Story Transcript

Nautica: Hello, I'm Nautica from I'm from Minnesota and I really had a great experience using Sales Pop. Yeah.

I just found that it was really easy to navigate, it's really easy to use and to understand and I look forward to how it will increase my customer base and increase the amount of visitors to my site who actually end up staying adding something to their cart and buying it I think that it does, you know, the work of a testimonials page, but with a bit more evidence to back it up.

I think it's more reliable.

I think it can also positively lead to this kind of heard mentality and see other friends familiar names possibly with people in the community supporting the business makes other people on the site already feel more inclined to support the business and so I think that that's super cool I think that this is really gonna help me I already see it helping me.

And yeah.

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