Story Transcript

Neha: Hello, my name is Neha. I'm from India, Mumbai. I own a Shopify store, and it had been almost all weeks since I had launched the store. There were visitors, people adding things to the cart and they were almost 100 or 200 add to carts and just one sale.And I tried to figure, things out why they weren't walking, what was wrong with my product page. I tried abandoned cart emails, I tried to change up my product page, I even tried push notifications, timers everything nothing was working.And, on a Facebook page, I came across this app called Better Replay and I just installed it and I was getting visitors on my page, right? So I could see the screen recordings, and what was exactly going wrong.So every time a visitor wanted or liked the product, they would try to find a size guide. They would go to the size guide and they would get confused and they would drop off.So I finally realized that my size guide wasn't clear enough and I changed it up and as soon as I changed it up, my conversion rates went higher. And that's how Better Replay has really helped me for figure out what was wrong in my product page. Thank you

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