Story Transcript

Griffin: Hello, my name is Griffin. I'm from Chicago. I've been using the Better Replay app for a couple days now. And I'm just gonna tell you a little bit of what it's done.

So before I had downloaded this app, I can always see the number of people that are active on the site, session per day, but the conversion rates were never as high as they should be. And I was always curious as to why? Obviously, why they're not higher.

The Better Replay app has allowed me to not only see exactly where their mouse is, what they're clicking on, and how they are getting from point A to point B. As you can go through different - best selling, trending, limited time, all the different collections you can get to similar items.

But I can see what buttons are more tempting for people to click on right off the bat. I've learned that majority of my customers click a specific, one button on their first click more often than any other button. I can see if they are clicking out of the pop-up, or the social prev in the bottom.

They can either leave it there or they click it. I can see if they like it or not. I'm able to actually see how they're utilizing the website more differently than I am. Because when I utilize my website, I'm - I don't roam it the same way as a customer would.

I go on there to see if somethings updated, see how something looks. But what I think how the features on my website aren't always what the customers wanna see.

And Better Replay has allowed me to actually see how they interact with things, what they're exiting out, how they're getting to the checkout, what they're clicking on, if they're searching. And I'm actually learning a lot more about customer activity on the site than I would be otherwise.

So I definitely recommend you download this app. There's - worst case scenario, you don't use it. But it can do a lot of wonders for your site, so I recommend it.

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