Story Transcript

Omar: Hi, my name is Omar Altimimi, I'm the owner of Relief Gun, a Shopify store and I'm from the United Kingdom and I sell massage devises on my Shopify store.Basically I've been using Sales Pop for around three to four months now and I've been getting, I've had a huge increase in my conversion rate, which was 4% before using, not 4%, at around 2% before using Sales Pop. And now it's reached 4.2, 4.3 and it's all thanks to Sales Pop, it's amazing.What it does is basically shows a notification on the side of your website and it tells people that are on your website, makes them feel more confident that they see oh, someone has just purchased something from your store and it's so good, it helps you so much.It gives confidence to the customer that's buying from your store and it makes them feel like other people have done it, so they can buy from you as well. So yeah, thank you very much Sales Pop for helping me make a lot of money from your app.

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