Story Transcript

Paakow: Hi, my name is Paakow Essandoh. I am the chief and founder of Mizizi International. Mizizi meaning roots in Swahili is the official street wear brand for the African diaspora. We make jerseys presenting different countries and cultures all across the world.

We're currently residing, based in Dallas, Texas, and we ship worldwide. Working with Better Replay it's been a short time, but it's honestly, it's kind of been amazing. The fact that we, now have so much information on how our customers navigate.

What frustrations they have with their designs? How we can improve? What pages they're most likely to view? It's different when you have the, when you see like a report that lists out like the pages and the times they're on it, but to actually visually see what it is your customer doing is so much more.

It's more useful. It's easier to digest and it's easier to act on.

I really appreciate Better Replay in the fact that it's free as well, makes it that much more credible, and so much more useful for any business owner who has a website and wants to have more insight on how their customers, are experiencing literally everything.

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