Story Transcript

Paul: (mumbles) I just have to say that workin' with Sales Pop has been wonderful, it's been so beneficial.Beforehand, I was havin' the sales but I was tryin' to figure out how I could convert more of my traffic into sales and more of my sales into repeat customers and I was tryin' to figure out how these other online stores bein' able to have these high conversion rates of traffic into sales and I realized that usin' an integration tool such as Sales Pop, it's great, I'm seein' more clicks bein' converted into sales and more people are startin' to come back and I'm havin' repeat customers because people are seeing that... through Sales Pop, people are seeing that other people are actually buying these products, you know, it gives that customer that reassurance that, "Okay, you have real-life people "that are actually buying these products "and they're actually buyin' "the products that they're lookin' at." So it gives that customer reassurance and I know that's definitely helpin' me get these sales up, so I definitely recommend Sales Pop, they get full five stars from me. (birds chirping).

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