Story Transcript

Peter: Hello. My conversion rate before using Sales Pop is zero, it's probably be still there.

But I would say during the time I've been using Sales Pop, I feel way more confident with my website and how it looks to customers when they visit, and there's a lot more data, and when people do click on the pops, it's very helpful to know, hey they were interested in this product, but they weren't interested in that one.

So I really enjoy it. It looks clean, it looks great. It's certainly very functional and I think it adds a lot of social credibility to the site. As of now, it's been a couple of days. It's still new so, the conversion rate is still zero.

I would so far with my short use of it, I definitely would recommend sales pop. They supply shop merchants, at least give it a try I mean once you start using it I'm sure you'll, you'll see how it's a great option. And it will definitely make your website, much welcoming to customers.

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