Story Transcript

Richard: Hey there. Just want to jump on here, and talk a little bit about Better Replay. This app has been a game changer for my company.

At first we launched the store, and we weren't exactly sure what was, you know what was causing problems or why people weren't converting and shortly after installing this app we began to see our customers interact with the website and we kinda saw, you know the problems.

One being that our currency converter wasn't working correctly. Huge problem, because if your customer can't see the price in their currency, the chances of them converting are gonna be close to none.

And so with Better Replay it gives you an idea of how your customer's interacting with your store, and what you can do better to better suit them, and to get your conversion value up. Another thing about Better Replay is that it's very fast, and it's live.

So as soon as you see- as soon as a customer's on your website, or leaves, you know, and you can correct and make your site better right away. So, I really can't stress enough how good Better Replay is. I tell everyone about it and love 'em.

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