Story Transcript

Riley: Hey everyone. My name's Riley Zischke, and I'm from Long Ridge Queensland, Australia. I'm a new drop shipper. I'm new to the game. I've been working for a couple of weeks on my tech store. I'm just trying to absorb information.And after publishing my store it was really hard to drive traffic and customers to the store. I would say no one would be staying any longer than a couple of seconds. And it's just really hard and frustrating when you've put your product out and you can't make any sales.And customer's only staying for a couple of seconds. So huge shout out to Sales Pop. After installing it's made life so much easier. I'm getting more people coming to the store, staying for longer, and I'm actually getting more traffic and sales.So it's really good to see that Sales Pop has helped me out so much. And I'm so glad I stumbled across the app. I installed it. And I put it to work. And immediately customers were flooding in. And they were staying for at least a couple of minutes, and not just a couple of seconds.So huge shout out to Sales Pop. Helped me so much drive traffic and sales. So thank you.

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