Story Transcript

Romulus: Hey, everyone. This is Romulus.I'm from Canada, and I own an e-commerce business and I was looking for an app that can record and track what my customers are doing on my website, or visitors, so that I can see where they're dropping off and why and make improvements, to increase my conversion rate, and when I was looking for an app on the Shopify App Store, there were a few of them, but this one stood out, because it had like almost a thousand reviews and they were really positive.It was also free, so that's, that was a bonus, and after installing it, basically, it's a really nice, like, layout of the app, and it's very straight-forward. It records every single visitor that comes on your website.It tells you where they're from, their location, which is based on their IP address, I believe, and it shows you their recording, like what pages go through, and it works for mobile phones, and also for desktops, so it doesn't really matter which one your customers are mostly using, and I would definitely recommend getting it, because it can help you improve your conversion rates on your website, and see what your customers are doing, and why they're dropping off.

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